Some stills from UCLA’s Annual Jazz Reggae Fest

These shots got picked up featured in the UCLA’s

A Celebration of 25 Years celebrational documentary about the festival. 


Shared Roots mural with the kids at Ronald McNair Academy.

Mural Music and Arts Program
East Palo Alto, CA

Spring 2012

Veuxdo Children unite!

Concept development and logo design for Slanted Tendency

theloverfly asked:
that shirt! will there be a restock?

yes! Working on them now. if you want a small baseball, there’s actually still 2 left of those in my reserve, so lemme know. We finally got a silkscreen so they’ll be more unique colors with limited runs & some extra hand-stitched detail. hopefully by next weekend i’ll be updating the store with pics & thangs! +++++ i’m working on the website redesign for

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